When is JAMB 2022 registration starting and ending

when is jamb 2022 starting

Looking for JAMB 2022 registration? Here is the starting date and when it will end. JAMB has been a must if you want to enter into the higher institution. This is why you need to prepare for jamb and we have gathered more information on how to prepare for your JAMB and score high grade. By the way this post is not about how to prepare for JAMB but JAMB 2022 Registration date from when it will start to when it will end. Read below to learn more.

JAMB 2022 registration starting and ending date

Jamb 2022 registration  according Mr Olaoluwa Fadipe will start on  Monday, Feb. 21 2022. But from the official Jamb website we are made to understand that JAMB 2022 is scheduled to start on 19th February 2022 and end 26th March 2022.

If you are a JAMB candidate it is good that you follow this date and go for your Jamb registration in time.

Why you need to register for your JAMB on time

Registering for Jamb in time has some benefits which you will not want to miss. For instance when you register for Jam on time it will give you time to now focus on preparing for the Jamb. By so doing you will you will not be distracted with the hassles of going from one place to the other searching for where to register for your JAMB rather you will be reading for the exam.

Below are other notable benefits peculiar to me which may also be useful for you

  1. Being Prepared Enhances Self Discipline
  2. Being Prepared Enhances Our Strategic Thinking.
  3. Being Prepared Increases Our Flexibility.
  4. Being Prepared Develops Our Resilience.

1# Being Prepared Enhances Self Discipline

When you prepare for an exam like Jamb it enhance self discipline in the sense that you will now understand what you ought to do in time even before the exam date comes close.


In the above topic we have been able to show you the exact date you can pick and register your JAMB. Like we said the 2022 JAMB Starting and closing date is as follow: Jamb will start on 19th February 2022 and end 26th March 2022.

Thanks for reading. Please share your thoughts on the comment box below and do not forget to share our post to the social media for it to reach more candidates that may benefit from the article concerning Jamb registration date. Thats all we can talk about on the post.

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